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Rares Matei

Hi, I'm Rares 👋 I work remotely in Scotland where I also teach, cycle, organise GlasgowJS & record training videos for Egghead
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TypeScript - unextend an interface

August 04, 2019

The ability to extend interfaces is one of the basic tools we use in TypeScript (and in typed programming languages in general) to build composable types and promote re-use of existing types. But how would we do the reverse? What if we want to re-use most properties from an existing type, but remove some of them, instead of adding?

Static sites, SSR & Gatsby - a short exploration down a web of buzzwords

July 14, 2019

Using Gatsby and Netlify for the first the first time got me thinking. Sure, Gatsby + Netlify give you a super fast site - but why is it so fast? What does "static" mean in static site generator? What is a server side rendered app, and is that static?

RxJS — passive subscribers

November 25, 2017

How do you silently subscribe/unsubscribe to an observable without generating all the normal side effects like start-up/teardown logic?

RxJS - Unsubscribe delay

October 25, 2017

Sharing an observable is amazingly useful. But sometimes we might want to keep the subscription alive for a few seconds even after all listeners have unsubscribed.

Building an RxJS .endWith() operator

April 23, 2017

Here I investigate different ways of achieving .endWith() functionality in RxJS